Amsterdam canals on a cold Autumn day

Fall is in the air...

Winter is coming - brace yourselves

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Whisky tasting at a private bar

Just a random picture of some whisky tasting glasses at a private bar in Amsterdam

-- nice, isn't it? --

Amsterdam Graffiti around the Flevopark bridge and train station, October 2014

Time for me to catch up on the new graffiti under the bridge over the Rijncanal and around the Flevopark train station.

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Wandering around the Amsterdam and Haarlem, the Netherlands

It appears that I have about 6 months backlog of pictures to post and interesting
things to write about them. So this is a random collection of images from
Amsterdam, IJburg and Haarlem mostly.

One of the strange things is the weather. One week it was beautifully warm,
the next it snowed. What's going on?

The weather aside, the Netherlands is full of interesting cities, places and people.I always feel so lucky to be able to live here and enjoy everything and get to
know people and customs. I only hope that some of that comes through
in my random images of things in encounter in the streets here.

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Boat trip from the Center of Amsterdam to Ijburg

Yesterday I had to relocated my electric sloop to the docks at Ijburg, so I borrowed
a real Amsterdam "working boat". It's a very heavy medium sized tug boat named
"the Pear" that used to work in the Amsterdam harbor moving container ships around.
So it was a little overkill to use it to relocate a small reddingssloep, but it was my
only option since the batteries were not charged enough to get into the huge
cargo ship lanes and through the "Oranjesluizen" into open water.

The day started off rainy, but eventually the sun came out and it was glorious.

On the way back I had to sneak past the Aida Stella Cruise Ship that was
casting off and being lead out of the harbor by a huge tug boat.

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